Direct to Consumer Marketing Solutions From Your Unresponsive Leads

With Golden Media, you can make the most out of old or abandoned leads. We generate income by reviving and reengaging these cold leads, reaching out to previous inquires with brand-new and exciting information. Timing is everything.

We Use a Systematic and Proven Process

Over the last 10 years we have help generate over 126 million dollars in sales from old leads. We boast a 70% presentation rate making sure your reps will look forward to closing these sales. All that said, with 0 consumer complaints.

We understand direct to consumer sales.

“Creative sales” creating sales for a consumer who had no intention of buying at that moment. Selling is a Science leaving yourself open to your sales people to wing it and hoping for the best will not give you the return on investment you are expecting.

 “Creative sales” is understanding your customers’ needs, wants, and desires. Knowing how to answer their questions before the ask them.

  • We can set up a call center for you
  • WE can call for you
  • WE can enhance your sales
  • WE can work directly with your sales people and managers

Creative sales is the art of a one call visit sale to a consumer who had no attention to buy now.

Get in Touch With Us

We would love to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in:


  • First visit closing training
  • Reinvigorating your old leads
  • Appointment setting training
  • Wan to setup a call center from 2-200 seats.