Let Our Sales-Savvy Team Make Revenues From Your Old Leads

Golden Media is here to help you profit from old, unresponsive, or abandoned leads. More than your average call center, our company takes pride in its small but extremely competent team of marketing-savvy professionals. Our programs are well put together, and we are able to dial up to 30 thousand people a day—with room for more!

Our Company at a Glance

Based in Orange, CA, Golden Media has been voted as one of the best places to work in Orange County. In the past 12 years, we have generated more than $126 million for our client businesses. We leverage the insight and expertise we have gained since we started to deliver outstanding services. Our founder first started as a sales agent, and then become a director, before finally becoming National Vice President for Sales. He became aware of how much money was lost in lead generation, especially with how a business doesn’t get paid unless their target leads turn into sales. Now, he is focused on helping companies gain back the lost resources.

Why Work With Us

Golden Media is able to create revenue from lost opportunities. We are professionally managed, and our agents are well informed to help the consumer make the best decisions.

An important part of our process is confirming each appointment before sending the project to your representatives. Our approach has allowed us to reach a high 70% presentation rate.